The biggest wins in the history of online casinos

Many online casino players believe that playing online slots is one of the most accessible types of gambling available. It is not always true. It may be somewhat accurate on the manual side, but many people fail to realize that some strategic thinking is involved. Many players aren’t entirely aware of winning at online slots, which leads to negative assumptions. The ease with which the game may get played, the likelihood of victory, and, perhaps most importantly, the belief that there are no methods that can get used to improve one’s chances of winning are all common fallacies.

It is not true that online slots are challenging to beat just because they are bright and possibly boisterous in appearance. While luck plays a significant factor in slot machine games, some tactics may get used to increase your chances of winning. When you play online casino games, you have a good chance of winning a large sum of money. It will vary depending on the casino game you intend to play and the location where you intend to play it.

The belief is that earning a substantial sum of money through online gambling is nearly impossible. However, there is some truth to this belief. Some people are sure that online casino games are rigged. The fact is that many of the most significant gains earned by gamblers worldwide occur online. Most of the largest online gambling winnings are achieved via online slot machines.

Can a person win on online casinos?

Legal online casinos in other parts of the world, like the United Kingdom and Canada, provide progressive slots that pay out millions of dollars. For example, in 2015, the Mega Moolah slot machine handed out the world’s largest online slot jackpot of £13.2 million to a player in the United Kingdom. However, Mega Moolah is not allowed in the United States, and any winnings received by a player from the United States would very probably be forfeited. Mega Fortune is another online slot with a massive progressive jackpot to offer players. And that is also against the law in the United States.

Illegal internet casinos are well-known for withholding legitimately earned earnings from their customers. Jackpots worth millions of dollars are particularly vulnerable to this type of predatory activity. In comparison, winning a jackpot of $70,000 at a legal online casino is preferable to receiving $0 from a multi-million-dollar jackpot won at an illegal site.

In the best-case scenario, they will allow you to withdraw your earnings in modest increments for as long as the illicit website is still operational. In the worst-case situation, they sell your personal financial information to third parties, give you only rigged games, and then vanish without a trace. That occurs daily.

It is not an easy chore to win the jackpot at an online casino – the game creators made sure of this. In most situations, players must land a highly unusual combination of symbols on the screen to launch a side game that will either pay out a large prize or no payout at all. The Mega Fortune slot machine, for example, would reward players who successfully match three or more jackpot symbols with another game, such as a wheel of fortune, which will present them with a variety of options. The fact that most progressive slots have numerous jackpots triggered by the same combination of symbols adds to the difficulty of winning money on these games.

To be sure, winning a progressive jackpot at an online casino is not as infrequent as it may appear to be. Since the inception of the Mega Moolah jackpot, Microgaming, the game provider responsible for the games at the River Belle, has paid out a total of €1.26 billion in winnings to its most fortunate players. The jackpot is related to several different titles. It can only get won by participating in a bonus game that is randomly triggered while playing one of the slot machines in the vicinity of the jackpot.

The biggest wins

The house always wins. In general, this statement is correct. The house enjoys a mathematical edge that almost ensures that it will benefit over the game’s long term. It’s a phenomenon known as the law of huge numbers. There are, however, a few exceptions to this general rule. The casino’s bottom line receives a savage uppercut now and again, thanks to the efforts of a lucky player.

  • Jon Heywood – $18 million

What if you put in thirty cents and ended up with $18 million in your bank account? One such incident occurred in October of 2015 involving a British soldier. The Afghanistan veteran put a play on Betway’s Mega Moolah jackpot and walked away with a massive win, smashing the previous world record in the process. Despite such a significant victory, he returned to work the following day as if nothing had occurred. He valued his family beyond anything else. To avoid spending any of his money on anything else, he made sure to pay for his father’s medical treatment first.

  • Belgian Player – $22 million

In April 2021, a Belgian player at Napoleon Sports & Casino broke the world record for the most consecutive wins in a single session. It is still the record for history’s most significant single-spin online slot win. From a $17 bet, the unnamed winner walked away with more than $22 million in winnings on his final spin. You might be interested to know the game title was from Microgaming. This gaming corporation has recently made seven players millionaires in seven months in 2020, a trend that has been seen recently.

  • Kerry Packer – $26 million

Mr. Packer was well-known for two things: first, for being a wealthy Australian businessman, and second, for being a very fortunate gambler. Packer was a generous gratuity, and he was known to pay off the mortgages of waiters he encountered. A string of victories at the MGM Grand in 1995 paid him $26 million in just a few hours, making him the wealthiest poker player in the world. He was playing blackjack and baccarat, and he was laying down wagers of $500,000 as if they were nothing to him. Interestingly, his gambling binge resulted in a lifelong ban from all MGM properties, including hotels and casinos.

  • American Software Engineer – $38.7 million

In March 2003, a guy who chose to stay anonymous won the $38.7 million prize at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. His impressive victory occurred at the Excalibur hotel-casino, where he inserted three $1 coins into a Megabucks Jackpot machine, which paid out in full. It is said to be a legend. The 25-year-old went out to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to watch March Madness and play a few casino poker games. He had no idea that this spring weekend would have a profound impact on his life for the rest of his days. Although it isn’t entirely apparent, likely, his earnings did not show in his bank account as a single large lump sum. The standard norm specifies that the winner receives their prize money over 25 years.

  • Archie Karas – $40 million

The Run, Mr. Karas is a Greek-American businessman well-known for his winning streak. After only three years, he had amassed a total of $40 million in winnings from Las Vegas casinos (1992-1995). As a legend on The Strip, Archie was the man who could transform $50 into $40 million before losing almost everything in a matter of three weeks. As a result, he was charged with several counts of operating a casino fraud, and his situation deteriorated. As a result of his misdeeds, he was sentenced to jail in 2013. All of that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most successful casino players in the world.

Tips to win online casinos

  • Play for free

Starting with free games allows you to gain valuable experience and manage your time effectively with the options available. You will also experiment with different betting strategies based on the results obtained; however, this is not always the case. Following that, it’s time to start placing real money bets on the casino game you’ve already tested, which may be anything from roulette to blackjack to poker to even bingo, to name a few. Make use of the fact that many casinos give the possibility to play for free on points or with DEMO versions, and take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Learn about different games

For the most part, the house makes a set or variable proportion of the profits from the games it offers. In other words, if you can’t avoid making a profit, your best bet is to play games where the house advantage is reduced and learn how to reduce the bankroll’s profit margins.

  • Take advantage of promotions.

Casino bonuses are like candy to gamers who have a sweet tooth. They are an excellent way to experiment with different sorts of casino games. Several casino bonuses are available, but the most popular are the welcome bonuses, which offer you the most generous incentive to register at their casino and begin playing for real money.

They will often multiply your initial contribution by up to X money (there is almost always a limitation). In most cases, they double the sum, while some generous casinos even double it. 

  • Play safe

The most crucial aspect of winning money is collecting your earnings as fast and efficiently as possible if you are fortunate enough to be the lucky winner. The casino should be safe and trustworthy, and your data should get protected. 

How do you get your online winnings?

If you’ve played at an online casino, you’re probably already familiar with the procedure of opening an account, depositing cash, and getting the fun started by playing a few games. These are some of the ways that you can get your online winnings:

  • Transfers via bank account

If you wish to deposit cash from an online casino service straight into your bank account, depending on the operator, this may be an option available to you. The advantage of using a bank transfer is that you do not have to register with any of the subsidiary services described thus far to get things started.

  • Paysafe

Neteller officially owns payments platform Paysafe, but it is also accessible as a different brand on its own. It is a favorite of many commercial clients and individuals. The Paysafecard allows those who have signed up for it to not only make withdrawals from casino sites, but they can also use it to deposit funds into their accounts, ensuring that the slot machine wheels keep spinning. The poker chips continue to accumulate in the virtual world. Paysafe does not require you to have access to an existing bank account or payment card to open an account with them, which provides it with a distinct advantage over some of the other options.

  • Neteller

Secure money transfers are at the heart of Neteller’s business, a platform that specializes in money transfers and allows you to shop with confidence on hundreds of websites. So, if you wish to pay out after a winning session at an online casino, this is a safe and secure withdrawal option that will also protect your identity and avoid fraud in the transaction. When it comes to utilizing Neteller, there is a lot of freedom because it has tie-ins with prominent payment card providers such as VISA and MasterCard. In addition, because the FCA regulates it, you may put your faith in it without being concerned that anything unpleasant would happen to your money or personal information.

  • Skrill

Since its inception, this digital money transferring service has become one of the most popular options for online casino withdrawals, amassing millions of customers across a wide range of nations and providing outstanding levels of protection in the process. In addition, Skrill makes it simple to transfer cash from one currency to another, which is helpful if you want to withdraw money from a casino site that accepts a foreign currency. Another advantage of using Skrill is that transactions take place instantaneously, which means that as soon as the casino grants your withdrawal request, the money will be in your account, and you will be able to use it any way you like.

The takeaway

Every gambler’s fantasy is to win big on the casinos and change one’s life! The danger that comes with it, on the other hand, is not always easy to manage. Furthermore, although some bettors are fortunate enough to gain several prizes from a bit of gambling, others risk their money and come away with nothing. Gambling can be highly seductive and addicting since individuals continually look to recover their losses.