Types of casino slots and tips & tricks to beat them

Every casino features a wide variety of slot machines. These machines can accept a single coin or many coins at a time. A player should put a lot of thought into selecting the appropriate apparatus, as they will not want to risk their money on a slot machine that is too expensive for their current bankroll. In addition, they should be sure to choose a slot machine that they are familiar with because slot machines are meant to be fun above all else.

Before finding tips and tricks to beat casino slots, you need to know the different types. Some of the casino slot machines you will come across are:

  • Video Slot Machines

Computer software simulates the reels of video slots, and the player interacts with the program to spin the reels. The primary distinction between reel slots and video slots is that the latter can provide more than five pay lines, depending on the casino’s requirements. Reel slots, on the other hand, are limited to just 5. Some video slots include 9, 15, 25, 30, or even 100 distinct pay lines.

Additionally, during the game, video slots provide a variety of incentives, like free spins and bonus games, which can bring additional player rewards.

  • Reel Slot Machines

A typical reel machine will have either three or five reels, and each reel will have either 20 or 24 stops on it. On the other hand, other slot machines let players play on four, six, eight, or even ten reels. In the early days of the slot machine industry, players would pull a lever to spin the reels of their machines manually. On the other hand, the spin is driven by an electrical motor.

  • Touch-Screen Machines

The debut of touch-screen technology also impacted the gambling business, and many manufacturers started integrating this high-tech manner of interacting with slot machines shortly after its release.

Touch-screen slot machines have proven to be popular ever since they were first introduced, particularly the types that have their primary screen embedded into a table or shelf and offer a place for players to rest their hands while playing.

  • Multi-Game Machines

The fact that a player may switch between games on a single slot machine rather than physically walking to a different machine has contributed to the widespread appeal of multi-game slot machines. For instance, a particular multi-game machine may allow the player to play many variations of games and slot machines.

In addition to that, several of these machines can support multiple currencies. For instance, a person may begin by playing blackjack and placing bets of quarters on each hand, and then they could transition to playing keno and place bets of $1 every round.

  • Big Berthas

Big Berthas are the common name for the industry’s most giant slot machines, still being manufactured. These slot machines are frequently located close to the casino’s entrance since they are so appealing to players who have never been there before. There is no limit to the number of reels that may get installed in a Big Bertha. However, the payout rate of this particular sort of slot machine is not very high.

  • Progressive Machines

In most cases, they symbolize a collection of slot machines that share a single prize. Each time a player puts a coin into one of the connected machines, the total amount of a progressive jackpot will grow by one. The total sum of the jackpot will continue to increase until one fortunate player hits the winning combination of symbols. After being won, the jackpot will immediately be reset to a previously preset sum and will begin to rise again.

Because progressive slot machines are so popular, the owners of casinos are always coming up with new ways to improve them and increase the size of the prizes they provide. For instance, some gambling companies have taken the progressive jackpot concept to a whole new level by connecting slot machines from various casinos located inside the same state. It has resulted in the creation of a larger pool of potential winners.

The proliferation of internet gambling venues has contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of progressive jackpots. It is not uncommon to find a casino that provides players with the potential to win a progressive jackpot created across all of the websites powered by the same piece of software.

  • Wild Play Machines

Wild play machines are possibly the most entertaining slot machines one can gamble on since they provide you the opportunity to double, treble, or even quintuple the amount of money they have won.

Wilds are unique in that they may function as a stand-in for any other symbol, enabling players to form more winning combinations even when they are on the edge of success. In addition, wild symbols have the potential to activate additional features or come with a multiplier, both of which can increase the amount of money you win. If a player hits a winning combination containing two wild symbols, their winnings will quadruple.

On the other hand, if there are three of the same sign, that creates a winning combination. Because various machines have varying payoff percentages, everyone who plays on a Wild Play machine has to make sure they have reviewed the payout table before every time they play.

The advent of IGT’s Double and Triple Diamond slot machines, in which the diamond served as the game’s wild symbol, is credited with helping to propel the popularity of wild symbols. These gadgets almost immediately become incredibly appealing to players, which results in profits for casino operators.

  • Multiple Payline Machines

In most cases, a slot machine will only have a single pay line located smack dab in the center of the display. It is where all of the prize-giving symbols need to be aligned for the spin to be successful. However, manufacturers have begun to release machines that have more than one pay line to provide players with a greater sense of engagement.

Typically, additional credit is needed to activate each additional pay line. When a coin is entered into the machine, a further indicator signals that the pay line is active. It is the case with most slot machines.

A player may discover slot machines with two, three, five, or even more pay lines. Slot games at online casinos might have anything from 25 to 50 or even more pay lines. 

It is essential to remember that participating in more than one pay line does not improve a player’s odds of achieving a winning combination; yet, it does not decrease those possibilities either. The payout ratio for each machine is different, and the manufacturer decides what that ratio should be by the standards of the casino. 

  • Buy-Your-Pay Machines

The operation of this kind of slot machine requires some skill but is not overly complicated. Examining the device’s payment table is the typical method for locating the machines that allow you to choose the amount of your reward.

The amount of winning combinations triggered is based on how many coins are entered into the machine. For instance, if a player uses one coin, the device might only consider three bars a winning combination. However, if the player instead strikes three cherries, the machine will not payout. On the other hand, if a player puts in more coins, there will be an increased number of winning combinations.

Some casinos still have these kinds of machines, although they are not nearly as common as they once were. It is essential to keep in mind that if one chooses to play on a device of this kind, they must constantly place the maximum amount of coins in their wager for all winning combinations to be unlocked.

In general, one should avoid buy-your-pay machines since it may be rather irritating if they win the jackpot combination with a one-coin wager yet fail to qualify for the reward because of the quantity of their investment. One should avoid these machines because of this potential frustration.

  • Multipliers

In most contexts, the term “multiplier” refers to a slot machine that accepts more than one coin and adjusts its payout percentage based on the number of coins played.

Bally released the first machine of its kind in 1987, and it offered casinos a means of encouraging players to put more significant bets. If a player wagers one coin and strikes three sevens, the player will earn some amount, $5. However, if the player wagers two coins and the machine displays the same combination, the player will win ten dollars. The payouts for multipliers are typically proportionate for all winning combinations, except the most lucrative combinations. The payoff is significantly increased when the game is played with the highest possible wager.

The vast majority of slot machines in a typical casino are multipliers. Although these machines may still get played with a single coin, most players choose to spend the highest amount allowed.

  • Single-coin machines

The development of slot machines that accept bills or numerous coins each spin caused these machines to become somewhat out of date, and as a result, they are now complicated to locate. The vast majority of gambling establishments in today’s modern world supply their customers with the most cutting-edge slot machines currently on the market. These machines offer an increased level of pleasure for the player, which is one of the essential aspects of a casino. In addition, the profitability of single-coin machines is lower than that of slots of subsequent generations.

However, certain gambling facilities, particularly those older and less modernized, still retain them. If a player chooses, they may enjoy the traditional sensation of spinning the reels. In addition to that, their credits will be valid for longer.

Can you trick slot machines?

Whether or whether it is possible to deceive a slot machine is one of the most hotly debated topics among players of slot machines. The gambling world is rife with legends and tales that explain how specific results might get attained; nevertheless, many of these strategies may appear to be out of their reach for the typical player.

Players can deceive a slot machine, but doing so is not as easy as following a predetermined routine, such as pausing the game after every five spins or doing anything equally as bizarre. Instead, it requires either an avid interest in technology or the courage to break the law intentionally.

No question that engaging in any activity against the law is never a good idea; however, the following is some anecdotal evidence of things that some players claim to have done in the past.

  • Software hacks and bugs

It is for people really into computers: technology has grown significantly more secure throughout the years. However, several decades ago, hackers discovered that the software running on slot machines might be influenced owing to vulnerabilities such as hackable processor chips.

It could be difficult for you to get into the code of a slot machine at this point, but you can always go the bugs route instead.

It happens in online games; for example, players have reported being reimbursed their original stake after an online roulette freeze — if you can detect a glitch that pays you, then it makes sense to attempt to reproduce it! 

  • Influencing the outcomes

We’ve all read accounts of expert card players who turned their skills to counting cards, but what about those who play slot machines? In the 1980s, this event occurred due to Diethard Wendtland’s utilization of the manual stop feature available on the slot machines.

Even while not all slots had this function, he honed his ability to stop the machines at precisely the appropriate moment and became quite skilled at it. Because of his lightning-fast responses, he could predict when particular symbols would light up and cause the reels to halt.

Unfortunately for us, casinos quickly caught on to this strategy, and as time went on, they modified the mechanism that allowed us to stop all of the reels so that we could only stop one reel at a time. We can still exert some control over the game’s outcome, but not nearly as much as Diethard!

  • The coin that kept on paying

A strategy known as the “manipulated coin trick” could get used to win at specific slot machines back in the day. As a result of improvements in security and technology, it is highly doubtful that this con would work presently; yet, urban legend has it that some dishonest individuals were successful in using it in the past.

A penny got affixed to a nylon wire to complete the trick. Because of the nature of the wire, the slot machine was unable to detect its presence. As a result, gamers would insert the coin into the machine, remove it, and then do it again.

The game would keep going as long as the slot machine recognized the presence of a coin being played. It is out of date, but more importantly, it is against the law. Here are some more hints and suggestions that might improve your chances of winning with that in mind.

Tips for casino slots


It is valid for both physical and virtual casinos. Still, it is imperative to keep in mind while playing slots online, where it may be easy to become confused about whether you are playing for real money or just for fun at a “social casino.”

Until the 1990s, players activated games by dropping money into slot machines before each spin. This practice is still used in a few locations today.

When bill validators and credit meters got added to slot machines in live casinos, this dynamic shifted significantly. Bettors did not physically insert cash into slot machines but rather played off credits purchased with traditional currency. It is now more convenient to conceive bets in terms of credits than cash.

Players had to make deposits and utilize credits to play at online slot machines from the outset. Because it is such an easy method, almost none of the gamers would want to switch back to the old approach of dropping coins.

Nevertheless, it creates an emotional barrier between you and your financial resources. A fine line may easily get blurred between pay-to-play, in which credits represent money, and social play, in which credits represent nothing more than points.


You have just learned about a brand-new game for the very first time. The subject appears attractive, and the large bonus displayed on the “attract” screen while the game is not being played seems entertaining.

What do you do? In live casinos, you will almost certainly make a split-second choice about whether or not to give the game a go and whether or not to risk your time and money. It is exceedingly unusual for participants to pull out their mobile devices to research the game they are now participating in.

If you enter the game’s name and the phrase “slot machine” into your search engine, you will most likely receive many results. If you go to the website’s “videos” section, you’ll almost always be able to watch a demonstration of the game being played. Some videos are manufacturer demonstrations that illustrate the game’s reels, symbols, and themes and how the different bonus rounds are played out. Some of these videos were created by players who recorded gameplay using their mobile devices while playing a game.

The player films may offer you an idea of the highs and lows of a game, losing streaks, and profitable bonus opportunities. You’ll discover sites that specialize in reviewing new games in addition to video results when you search for that. Among these are the goal payback percentages aimed for by game creators. Keep in mind that it’s common practice to offer operators a range of paybacks. The rates in reviews may not match what’s available in your local area, even if the returns on slot games are higher online than in land-based casinos. However, the returns on slot games tend to be higher online than they are in land-based casinos.


Profitable slot machines are placed at the ends of rows because other customers can see when players are successful, which is what casinos want to encourage. These days, payoffs are done with bar-coded tickets rather than with money dropping into a tray; thus, that aspect is less relevant. The blatant indicators of victory have disappeared. Games of the same consecutively played in contemporary casinos often have the same payback percentage.


Are you seeking games that offer you the chance to win the biggest jackpots, games that stretch your playtime with plenty of little wins, or games that fall somewhere between?

As game creators experiment in all kinds of different forms, the lines may get blurry, but there are still specific broad standards to follow.

Games with three reels focus on their top jackpots, although these games have a lower hit frequency and more lost plays. They provide the most potential for significant wins and a tremendous potential for rapid losses.

When playing video slots with pick’em bonuses, you use your finger to select various game icons, such as gift boxes, restaurant meals, alien monsters, and other characters from the slot game, to uncover your bonuses. Video slots that provide pick’em bonuses often have high hit frequencies with many little wins that allow you to extend your playtime but have a lower chance of winning a significant jackpot.

Video slots that offer free spins as their primary form of a bonus event sit in the middle of the volatility spectrum and the range of possible payouts offered by three-reel games and pick’em games.

During the free spins, you are not required to place any more wagers, and you are eligible for all wins up to and including the maximum jackpot. On the other hand, it’s also possible to walk away from the free spins with nothing. The potential of receiving no bonus is to check the likelihood of receiving more significant winnings than those offered by pick-em rewards.

It is up to you to choose if the most value may get found in the potential to win a jackpot, in the possibility for player engagement presented by pick’em bonuses, or in the hit-or-miss aspect of free spins. 


A portion of each wager is contributed to the total jackpot or jackpots associated with progressive slot machines. Slot machines with three reels typically provide a single progressive jackpot on the top payment, and to qualify for it, and players need to wager the maximum number of coins.

If you play a slot machine that accepts three coins for one dollar, for instance, but only bet one or two, you won’t be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Getting the highest jackpot combination on the pay line will result in a decreased reward.

The progressive jackpots that may get won on video slots have many levels. There have been anything from two to twelve different levels of increasing difficulty available. A typical progression consists of four stages, each one being designated either “mini,” “minor,” “major,” or “grand,” or “bronze,” “silver,” “gold,” or “platinum,” or anything along those lines.

It does not matter how much money a player wagers to qualify for the jackpots on some video slots. You will not be eligible for the jackpot on other games until you place a second wager. The progressive jackpots are the most exciting aspect of the games, but other than those jackpots, the payouts for the games are often lower than those of other games.

Avoid playing games with lesser payouts at any cost. It would help to place the required wagers to qualify for the jackpots. Pick a game that isn’t progressive if you don’t have the money for such bets.


It was true back when three-reel games dominated slot floors. Slot machines that accept dollars have a payout percentage that is more than those that take quarters, which may be greater than those that accept nickels. That doesn’t imply that everybody needs to run out to the casino and start playing dollar slots.

Other considerations than the return % include the game’s entertainment value and what you want to get. Even when considering only dollars and cents, playing games with higher denominations entails placing larger bets and taking on a greater level of risk. 

What about security?

Because of all the cheating that used to happen in casinos, security is now tighter making it harder to cheat. Some of the measures used to ensure people don’t cheat at slot machines include: 

  • Cameras

When it comes to protecting the casino and the people who are gambling there, the on-site security staff at a casino can only see so much. Electronic surveillance, sometimes known as “the eye in the sky,” is relied on by security officers as an aid to help them complete their daily patrols.

Hundred of hidden digital cameras are concealed behind one-way glass in every casino. Some of them are concealed where you would least look for them. The others are designed to be conspicuous in size and location to act as warnings. These days, technology has advanced to the point where sophisticated cameras can see a player’s face, the cards the player is holding, and the serial numbers printed on dollars. On-site security employees can see banks of television screens, which helps casinos uncover cheaters and saves them millions of dollars annually. Even while the vast majority of monitoring is conducted to detect and prevent cheating and defraud, the eye in the sky also protects honest players from slick criminals roaming the casino in search of easy victims.

  • Security personnel

 Back in the day, casinos would hire thugs to watch the owners’ fortunes. Security personnel is often seen as essential contributors to the casino floor crew. Casino security has evolved into a legitimate career path in recent years due to the dynamic and demanding nature of the work. As a result, casinos now provide attractive pay and benefits packages to attract both intellectually and physically fit candidates.

The fact that one duty does not necessarily follow directly after the other is one of the unfavorable aspects of working in security, which makes the job less appealing overall. Some customers go to a casino to steal money, either by deceiving the staff or faking an injury.

Employees in security are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including monitoring the footage from rows of surveillance cameras housed in high-tech rooms and roaming the casino floors in a vigilant search for fights, drunks, thieves, and other disruptive behaviors. Surprisingly, security maintains a careful check on the staff because casino personnel has been known to engage in various cheating frauds.

The security crew members are easy to detect, and they are always willing to assist you in finding a solution to a problem or pointing you on the proper path. Even though every casino is different, security personnel almost always wear a uniform similar to that of the military. Their uniforms usually consist of a blouse that says “SECURITY” or at the very least a badge or nametag that identifies them as security personnel. A walkie-talkie, a badge, and maybe a pistol are further distinguishing aspects of the suspect in this case.

The busiest times of the day in larger hotels may have as many as several dozen security personnel on duty. There may be a supervisor stationed in each main section of the casino to handle the staff. The role of a diplomat is only one of the many hats that security supervisors are expected to wear. Their employees are on the front lines, both safeguarding and ejecting visitors. When there is a rare outburst of rage or a misunderstanding, the security supervisor must immediately jump in to resolve the situation.

The takeaway

The number that a slot machine selects is entirely unpredictable to anyone just by looking at it. Because of this, it is impossible to say that a slot machine is “overdue” to strike the jackpot at any given time. When visiting land-based casinos throughout the world, you will frequently see that slot machines only refund ninety percent or even a lower percentage of the player’s initial wager. Moreover, slots tend to play pretty fast, and if you don’t regulate the number of bets, you’ll go through your money extremely quickly if you ignore how much you’re wagering. Finding a game that genuinely offers the most acceptable slot machine odds possible is crucial to improving your chances of winning at slots. There is significant variation in the slot games available.